And Then We Have Fun

To all the volunteers, healers, peacekeepers, Red Cross water bearers, journalists, medical staff, counsellors, preachers, and soldiers – I bring you close to my heart and wish you this:

Humanitarians of the world, I wish you at least 72 hours of joy, ecstasy, fun and love wherever you are. Not the type that just happens, but the type you invoke for yourself. Have fun and be the light. It’s the best weapon against the darkness.

“And Then We Have Fun” –
Vivi Waters

So lay down your cares for they can wait. Go out there and grab some fun, whatever that looks like where you are. Show your light by simply being joyous. Comfort yourself by knowing you can touch joy for at least a few seconds today and let that energy resonate to fill the season.

You will always be able to touch light, no matter how much darkness surrounds you. That is because you are the light.

With great thanks and much love,
Vivi Waters