The ‘Me Time’ Challenge

An excellent way to kick-start the journey to coming home to your creative self is to engage in this fun and creative process for self-discovery. It will blow away the cobwebs and get your creativity and empowerment going. I call it Me Time.

‘Me time’ is a process to get you back into relationship with yourself. Losing touch can easily happen as we go about our daily lives forgetting ourselves, our passions, our preferences and basically, getting lost in the busyness of life.  If you would like to get back in relationship with yourself, you may like to try this.  Here are the guidelines:

  • 7 days straight.
  • No extra work outside of 40 hours of paid employment, food gathering and preparing, child and pet maintenance!
  • No extra duties such as P&C committee, bookwork, saving a friend, organising family events.
  • 30 minutes per day on meditation, introspection, staring at the garden, or just sitting, followed by:
  • 30 minutes of journaling on what came up for you. This should involve hand on page, no stopping, conscious stream of thought.
  • Day 7 – review the week. You will know what to do, even if it’s “do it again for another week”!

This technique provides a framework for you to let go of all the peripheral stuff that can keep us busy and make the space for your inner voice to come through. If you miss a day, don’t stop. Just add another day on the end. You may come to love this precious 60 minutes and decide to make it part of your daily personal ritual. You can enhance with music, candles, or going to your ritual place of study, or garden etc.
After the 7-day challenge, you will find your true self begging for more airtime. S/he will naturally want to come out and play and the other stuff we fill our lives with will be reviewed very carefully. Enjoy the process. Let me know how you go.