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The Last Priestess of Avalon

Awarded: Semifinalist (top 10%) – Screencraft Fellowship, 5th, 2018. Top 12 Recommended Scripts – Scriptapalooza Fellowship 2017. Top 10 Recommended Scripts – Scriptdoctor Contest of Contest Winners 2017. Quarterfinalist (top 6%) – Shore Scripts 2017 (features)   Genre:  Historical Drama   Logline: A Priestess of Avalon struggles to preserve her community’s traditions of healing and unity against the powers of the King and Bishop of the newly emerging Christian Church, who want to destroy the ancient rituals and take the Grail for themselves, with all its magic and power.   Synopsis: Three archaeologists discover a mysterious grail and jar of papyrus scrolls under the Sphinx in Egypt.   Through reading these scrolls, the lead archaeologist learns of the story of the last priestess of Avalon – VIVIANE, written by her daughter SARAH. As narrator, Sarah tells of the priestesses’ guardianship of the grail, their ancient bloodline and the philosophy of the Light, which they share with their brothers, the Knights of the Brotherhood of the Light.  We are told of the last days of this society, as the priestesses move to ensure they can prevail in the wider world off Avalon. Set in 708 a.d., the priestesses’ find their lives at risk due to the desires of the medieval bishop ALDHELM. He wants to Christianize his part of Britain, using his cousin KING INE, the Anglo Saxon warlord to assist him. King Ine is not aware Aldhelm secretly wants to kill the priestesses or run them off Avalon, to gain possession…

Two Hours From

Genre: Psychological Thriller Logline: After her husband’s mysterious death, a struggling mother decides to move to the country, only to find she is challenged to extremes to protect her children, animals and land by an old bushman, who knows no limits. Synopsis: ANNIE WATERS is newly widowed from her high-flying businessman husband. She finds herself without a home or money, after her husband dies in mysterious circumstances and leaves the family with debt. She decides to return to the bush where she has grown up, to live an ‘honest life’ of safety and peace. They move to Tin Man Creek and as she establishes her family as graziers, she finds herself challenged to the use of her property by an old bush squatter. As the events unfold, we learn about Annie’s city life, her husband’s double life and just what she has been capable of before she ever arrived at Tin Man Creek. Well known in the district as a violent man, RONNIE has intimidated all the locals into submission. Annie has had enough of taking life lying down. Ronnie has challenged the wrong girl!  Underestimated by all, we see Annie ‘cowgirl up’ to give Ronnie the fight of his life. The locals wonder if she is losing her mind. We wonder whether she has it in her.  And all of this happens only two hours from ‘civilisation’! Email me for a copy of “Two Hours From” –

Did you ever meet Prince?

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Logline: An Australian horseman finds himself in the fight for his life to save his livelihood and herd from the harsh Australian outback, with only his horse Anzac to save him.   Synopsis: Sinjun has been raised in the Australian bush by his drover father and rag-a-muffin mates, after his mother dies giving birth to him. We journey with this gentle and sensitive young man, as he tries to ‘man up’ under his father’s bastardry, to find his place in the world. After being thrown out of home by his father at 16, Sinjun is required to find and train his own brumby as a means of transport and survival. He develops a life-long bond with this horse he calls ‘Darcy’ and becomes goes on to become the finest horseman. We see Sinjun make a life for himself working his horses when he meets and marries Angel. He takes her into some of the harshest of Australian climates to build a life but despite his livestock skills he is driven to the edge by drought and financial hardship. In a last ditch attempt to save what little they have made, Sinjun decides to take his modest herd along one of Australia’s most demanding stock route to find fodder and water only to find himself in the fight for his own life, with only his trusty horse Darcy, as his companion. This is a story of a young man learning what is required to be a ‘real man’ by his own…