• Zucchini Tossers

    Zucchini Tossers

    I continued to stare at him until he noticed himself. He had so incensed me with his zucchini tossing. I stood behind this Anglo Saxon retiree and watched him apply his vast underutilized intellect to the job of selecting six zucchinis from what was a stellar …
  • Addicted To My Potential

    Addicted To My Potential

    So my doctor asks me if I have any addictions. “Yeah!”, I say. “Sugar. And my own potential.” I’m at my doctor today. We’ve known each other for ten years. We’re having a conversation about Copper dominance – that is when your Copper is too high …
  • And Then We Have Fun

    And Then We Have Fun

    To all the volunteers, healers, peacekeepers, Red Cross water bearers, journalists, medical staff, counsellors, preachers, and soldiers – I bring you close to my heart and wish you this: Humanitarians of the world, I wish you at least 72 hours of joy, ecstasy, fun and love …
  • Give Yourself The Greatest Gift – Expand Your Identity

    Give Yourself The Greatest Gift – Expand Your Identity

    I’m not a cat person! I held this sense of identity for years, almost like a badge of honour. “I don’t like cats! They’re so indifferent.” (I had a whole range of excuses to back up my identity). Layered behind that were many reasons for holding …
  • The Top 10 Ways To Avoid Creating Something In Your Life

    The Top 10 Ways To Avoid Creating Something In Your Life

    Here it is, my straight-up-and-down list of the best ways to avoid creating something new, something fabulous, something you want in your life: Doing what you think you should be doing. Caring about the opinions of others. Indulging in negative emotions such as fear, resentment and envy. Worrying about the …
  • The ‘Me Time’ Challenge

    The ‘Me Time’ Challenge

    An excellent way to kick-start the journey to coming home to your creative self is to engage in this fun and creative process for self-discovery. It will blow away the cobwebs and get your creativity and empowerment going. I call it Me Time. ‘Me time’ is a …
  • Imagination Creates The Future

    Imagination Creates The Future

    “People can spend so much mental energy ruminating over the past or worrying about the future, they allow no room for their imagination to create their future”.  This little gem came to me while washing my hair yesterday.  I was twenty minutes into my day and …
  • Knowing When Your Plot is Stuck

    Knowing When Your Plot is Stuck

    Its Saturday night. Video, chocolate and a cup of tea. Fifteen minutes into the movie, the plot is not moving along. My hubby starts to fidget and shift in his chair. I begin to sigh with the anticipation of potentially another Saturday night without decent entertainment. …

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