The Top 10 Ways To Avoid Creating Something In Your Life

Here it is, my straight-up-and-down list of the best ways to avoid creating something new, something fabulous, something you want in your life:

  • Doing what you think you should be doing.
  • Caring about the opinions of others.
  • Indulging in negative emotions such as fear, resentment and envy.
  • Worrying about the outcome.
  • Hiding from your shadow – it takes an extraordinary amount of energy to avoid seeing your natural human failings.
  • Not caring for your energy with stress management, grounding and centering etc.
  • Keeping busy, busy, busy.
  • Overstepping your boundaries and getting involved in other’s lives.
  • Over-giving and not allowing yourself to receive.
  • Indulging in addictions – TV, retail, and the daily news.

These are some of the more less-obvious ones and I’m sure you can think of a few more!
Well, that’s the biggies I see when I consult with people who are looking to get the ‘edge’ on themselves and achieve creative outcomes in their lives.  They are so easy to spot in others; I’m a master at them all!
These sophisticated avoidance mechanisms can rob you of the time and energy for being with yourself and creating the outcomes you desire.  Some are hard to diagnose in yourself and mask themselves as duty, responsibility or even “oh well, this is how it is”.  Uncovering them is a process of asking of yourself a simple one-word question “Really?”