Zucchini Tossers

I continued to stare at him until he noticed himself. He had so incensed me with his zucchini tossing. I stood behind this Anglo Saxon retiree and watched him apply his vast underutilized intellect to the job of selecting six zucchinis from what was a stellar bunch of vegetables. They were the nicest zucchinis I’d seen in years. This did not satisfy him, because from a basket of probably thirty or so, he knew there was still six that could be considered the cream of the crop. And he was bound to have them for himself.

He turned each one over, examined it precisely and then if rejected, would toss it violently to the back of the basket. After the sixth zucchini, I did my cool albeit with a sugary voice and plastered smile. “Excuse me. You do realize when you reject the zucchini so violently, it damages them for the next person, don’t you? What you are doing is very selfish.”

“Oh I’m sorry!” he said in an equal disingenuous voice. He stopped tossing at this point and decided to not take me on, but rather do with whatever he had selected. He then ‘grumped’ a little (that’s a disempowered and half-swallowed grumble) and took off.

I really notice zucchini tossers. They drive me nuts. Society is full of them. You know those people who just have to be at the top of the heap and have the best for themselves. They ensure they have access to finest this planet has to offer, but worse, what they deselect, they denigrate or destroy before leaving it to others to get their share.

We often notice how rich the rich are, but are we noticing the damage and sheer volume of casted-off resources they leave behind? Or how about the zucchini tossers who emotionally or mentally denigrate what they decide is of no value to them. Look at Trump for example, so disrespectfully criticising his opponents. And don’t the crowd love him for it. He’s just a zucchini tosser.

Let’s toss a few more ‘tossers’ on our pile. How about the captains of industry who are quite happy to consume excessive resources to make their two-cent profit per item. Silly us for letting them. How about the lawyer who denigrates their opponent to make the case. Every religious leader who calls someone of another faith a ‘sinner’ or ‘lost soul’. The politician who perpetuates a win-lose culture by taking away from one sector to plump up another (rather than focusing on healthy GDP increase, with minimised cost to the planet).

I could go on about the intense selfishness I see every day and the real cost to the rest of us. I could go on about how some people apply their intellect to selecting and deselecting rather than creating, growing and building intelligent arguments and solutions for the collective, while still taking their share.

But by far the biggest issue is what Tossers do to the deselected. It’s as if they enhance their choice and their sense of self by denigrating or destroying what’s left behind. It’s actually quite moronic.

I could go on, but right now, I just need to select a few zucchinis and get out of this market!

Much love,