M Tracks

One thing you can do to get into a resourceful and creative state is to bring your mind back to a positive.  This results in your heart rate, pulse and breathing to come into coherence and bring your body out of a stressed state.  This can be achieved in four minutes by directing your thoughts to the positive using one of our M Tracks.

Watch the video to see how M Tracks work:

In this video you will see how a person’s breathing, pulse and heart rate drop and come into coherence, like a car engine running smoothly.  This enables the person to return from a stressed state and back to clear mind and ready to create.  This demonstration uses the Hearth Math monitoring device and software called EmWave™.  You can test the effects of our M Tracks yourself using your own fitness tracking wristband.

Here is a sample track for you to try:


How This Works:

As you can imagine, your body and mind will not want to create while you are in ‘fight or flight’ mode.  We can easily find ourselves in this state just from our morning commute!  To get yourself ready to create, bring your mind back into a resourceful state and your body will follow.  Your body will then start to generate serotonin, oxytocin and other helpful neurotransmitters, that will foster your natural creative state and fuel your mind.

See For Yourself:

Take a few moments to listen to the track.  Try to do this with your eyes closed or fixed on one point, continuing to breathe deeply and listening to the M track.   When you have finished, check your heart rate if you can.  Then check in with yourself.  How do you feel?  Compare you current state to where you were four minutes ago.  Is there a difference?

Starting your day with an M Track or checking in during the day is a great way to keep your body and mind aligned with your creativity.  Over time you will reduce your stress and find you are able to achieve your outcomes more easily.

Choose an M Track that suits your mood or goals:

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Here’s what people say about M Tracks:

The M Tracks Story

After being a long-term practitioner of meditation, I knew intuitively that negative thoughts and moods caused me stress, but I didn’t realise how much it was taking from my body.

Finally my body told the story. Adrenal fatigue, aches and pains and nutrient deficiencies such as Anemia, B12 and D deficiency. My doctor told me my stomach had stopped absorbing my nutrients, probably from stress. Years and years of not controlling my thoughts every day, had taken its toll and I had started to manifest stress-related illnesses.

Plenty of research later, I learned the biochemical effects of stress. Stress causes the body to produce adrenalin and cortisol. This upsets our ability to regulate our sugar levels and digest our food. It seems that we can go into ‘fight or flight mode’ over the smallest things that our minds consider a survival threat, including the morning commute!

I realised it was time to manage my mind before it killed me. I ordered the EmWave™ device from the Heart Math Institute (www.heartmath.org). This helped me to recognise when my body had gone into a stressed state. From the first use I realised every negative thought took my body to an unhealthy place. The computer graphic made it very real for me, for the first time.

I took myself to truth about why I didn’t meditate more and why I let myself run, even for hours in a stressed state. I had to confess, I liked the adrenalin rush to fuel my productivity. I also admitted to myself that meditation took too long and I would get impatient.

The M Tracks Were Born:
So I set about designing visualisations that would induce a stress-free state more quickly and with the help of the EmWave™ device, I made a number of M Tracks for myself that achieved a stress-free state in four minutes. I then shanghaied some dear friends and family to try the tracks. They worked consistently for everyone who tried them!

So that’s how the M Tracks came to be! I listened to a track about four times a day and over time, I was able to manage my emotions and mental state easily. I also realised I was far more creative and productive in a hear-centered and calm state. This adrenalin junkie was cured!

See for yourself. There is a sample above for you to try.

To find out more information, here are some FAQ’s.

Do I need to be spiritual to benefit?
No. These tracks speak to all people regardless of belief. They are designed to take you from a negative state of mind to a positive and more resourceful state.

Do I need an EmWave™ device to benefit?
No. This device is designed to give proof of the benefit of controlling your thoughts through such methods as meditation, prayer, contemplation and visualisations. If you feel you would like to keep a track of your physiological indicators of stress such as your heart rate, you can purchase one of the Heart Math devices by going to www.heartmath.org.

You may also like to try a sports watch or heart rate wristband. They will measure your heart rate. My preferred method for monitoring your physiological coherence is the Heart Math devices.

How often should I listen to an M Track?
As often as you like or are able. Research has shown that taking a break for five minutes at least four times per day can be very helpful for reducing stress in the body.

Can I listen to an M Track and walk or drive?  

Yes!  You receive just as much benefit if you are walking or driving.  The M Track still takes your mind to a positive.  Your heart rate may not decrease, but your body will not feel stressed after a while of ‘feeding your mind’ positive thoughts.

How do I integrate M Tracks into my life?
Keep your M Tracks handy on your smart phone or device. Identify times of the day you could listen to one easily. For example you may decide to listen to an M Track on your way to and from work and while you are cooking dinner. That would be a great start.

How does deliberately thinking positive thoughts reduce stress?
I know. It’s amazing. We don’t have to wait for positive life circumstances to provoke positive thoughts. We can just choose them. Research has shown that deliberately choosing positive, heart-centered thoughts bring the body back into coherence i.e., your heart rate, breathing and pulse in alignment. This reduces stress in the body and helps your body to produce healthy biochemicals, such as serotonin, dopamine, gaba and oxytocin. The M Tracks video also demonstrates this concept.

What if I find I don’t unwind in four minutes?
When you are just learning, or if you are in a very negative and stressed state, you may find it takes a little longer to feel relaxed. This is why I have provided ten minutes of music for each track, so you can stay with your breathing for longer if you desire. Over time, you will find you can ‘drop into’ a relaxed state more quickly and then turn off the music when you feel like it.