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Fallen Goddess

To command the heavens, she must first master earth!  


A young goddess is busted back to Earth and made mortal after her parents decide she needs to grow up and get ready to lead her own realm and with only her handmaid for company, she must navigate the perils of a modern world to prove she is ready to go home.


Drama, Fantasy. 10 x 30 minute returnable series (in development)


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Perfect Messy Love



Romance Comedy, 9 x 8 min, (produced, with the assistance of Screen Queensland)

Watch the series on YouTube:  Perfect Messy Love


An aspiring romance author accidentally tests her theories of perfect love when she develops an interest in her house swap partner while writing her first novel, only to find the man who could be her true love is anything but perfect, but the messy life that develops from their budding romance might be.


EMILY (Em), an aspiring romance author, leads the perfect inner city life.  However after being left jobless and betrayed following the bookshop closing down and finding her boyfriend kissing Barbie outside the pub, Em is motivated by her bestie BIANACA, an aspiring actor, to go and write her book.  Perfect timing or not!

Em organises a house swap with MATT on the Sunshine Coast.  He’s an easy going landscape gardener and a bit of a country lad.  Definitely not her type!  Nor is his dog Bertie, he has lumped on her to care for, in this imperfect deal.

Em settles in to Matt’s beach house and embraces a Queensland Christmas.  She meets her neighbours Stella and daughter Lexi, and Stella’s hunky brother, James, the international pilot, who asks Em out.  Em is tempted but tries to resist, given he is exactly the type she has left behind in the city.

Meanwhile, Em and Matt develop a rapport over video chat, over the care of his dog and her perfect plants.  Matt encourages Em in her writing.  Em espouses her theories on love, in particular, that people have to have the same interests for the romance to survive.  Em is fascinated by Matt but holds back, as she’s not sure who the girl is in the photos in his house? And why won’t he talk about her? 

Matt also holds back.  He has secrets that he is sure Emily won’t accept.   Before Em has a chance to find out more, her bestie Bianca comes across Matt and starts a hot fling.  Em’s sad she missed out, so she decides she may as well give things a go with James.

When Matt comes home to Queensland unexpectedly, Emily and Matt are forced to confront their differences. Emily finds out Matt’s secret, and now she can see the truth of who he is – a nice bloke!  She falls for him all the more.  She must now decide where her heart lies and whether she can be true to herself.  She wants the perfect love but she is now finding out love can only ever be perfectly messy!



An Australian horseman struggles to realise his dream of being a horse trainer and have his own property, while finding himself in the fight for his life to save his livelihood and herd from the harsh Australian outback.


Drama, 4 x 1hr TV Series (in development)


Sinjun has been raised in the Australian bush by his drover father and rag-a-muffin mates, after his mother dies giving birth to him.  We journey with this gentle and sensitive young man, as he tries to ‘man up’ under his father’s bastardry, to find his place in the world.

After being thrown out of home by his father at 12, Sinjun is required to find and train his own brumby as a means of transport and survival.  He develops a life-long bond with this horse he calls ‘Anzac’ and goes on to become the finest horseman of his generation.

Sinjun struggles to make a life for himself working horses when he meets and marries Angel, a dressage horsewoman from Sydney Highlands.   She falls in love with a bloke who has a dream.  She believes in his talent and will be the muse for him coming to accept himself and commit to his talent.   Sinjun takes her into the harshest of Australian climates to build a life.  Despite his livestock skills, hard work and great heart, he is driven to the edge by drought and financial hardship.



In her quest to find water to swim, a peculiar orphaned girl breaks a drought in her new home, an outback town when she discovers her innate ability to make it rain with her special water song, only to find herself at odds with her local community when she questions the towns empty creeks, despite the rain she has accidently called forward.


Drama, Mystery, 8 x 1 hour series (in development)

Currently being written as a novel.

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