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Our goal is to write entertaining and commercially viable stories that matter to our audience. I write with my husband and writing partner, Joe Newkirk.


I am a speculative screenwriter with three years of experience in writing feature films.  I have completed four feature screenplays; the first of which has placed four times in major US and UK screenwriting competitions, quarterfinalist or better.  The second has placed as a Semifinalist in a major UK screenwriting competition and received an honourable mention.

Previous career experience includes 17 years in the corporate sector as a Human Resources practitioner; and 10 years as a counsellor (therapist).  I have also written extensively in the areas of employee communication; change management; marketing; blogging; and non-fiction, topics such as personal growth, creativity and change.


Last Priestess of Avalon (Feature – Historical Drama)

A High Priestess of Avalon must find a way to ensure the safety of the grail and her people’s ancient bloodline of the Light, against a medieval bishop’s desire to destroy their culture and take the grail for himself.


  • Screencraft Fellowship 2018 – Semifinalist
  • Shore Scripts 2017 – Quarterfinalist
  • Scriptdoctor Contest of Contest Winners 2017 – Top 10
  • Scriptapalooza Fellowship 2017 – Top 12


Two Hours From (Feature – Psychological Thriller)

After her husband’s mysterious death, a struggling mother decides to move to the country, only to find she is challenged to extremes to protect her children, animals and land by an old bushman, who knows no limits.


  • Shore Scripts 2018 – Semifinalist
  • Truant Screenplay Competition – Honorable Mention (an Animal Logic Company)


Sinjun (Feature – Drama)

An Australian horseman finds himself in the fight for his life to save his livelihood and herd from the harsh Australian outback, with only his horse to save him.


Godmother (Feature – Psychological Thriller)

A runaway teenage girl joins a household headed by a spiritual leader called the Godmother and quickly finds her new found freedom isn’t free and how far she is prepared to go to maintain it is pushed to extremes by her housemates, a group of misfit homeless youth.



  • The Australian Writers Guild (AWG)



  • Diploma Professional Counselling – AIPC – 2006
  • Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing – QUT – 2001
  • Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation – Bond University – 1995
  • Bachelor Business (HR/IR) – University of South Australia – 1992

The Last Priestess of Avalon


  • Semifinalist (top 10%) – Screencraft Fellowship, 2018.
  • Top 12 Recommended Scripts – Scriptapalooza Fellowship 2017.
  • Top 10 Recommended Scripts – Scriptdoctor Contest of Contest Winners 2017.
  • Quarterfinalist (top 6%) – Shore Scripts 2017 (features)

Genre:  Historical Drama


A Priestess of Avalon struggles to preserve her community’s traditions of healing and unity against the powers of the King and Bishop of the newly emerging Christian Church, who want to destroy the ancient rituals and take the Grail for themselves, with all its magic and power.


Three archaeologists discover a mysterious grail and jar of papyrus scrolls under the Sphinx in Egypt.   Through reading these scrolls, the lead archaeologist learns of the story of the last priestess of Avalon – VIVIANE, written by her daughter SARAH.

As narrator, Sarah tells of the priestesses’ guardianship of the grail, their ancient bloodline and the philosophy of the Light, which they share with their brothers, the Knights of the Brotherhood of the Light.  We are told of the last days of this society, as the priestesses move to ensure they can prevail in the wider world off Avalon.