About Megan

Megan Williams, Screenwriter


I write screenplays about people and life.  I write with my husband and writing partner, Joe Newkirk. Our goal is to write entertaining and commercially viable stories that matter to our audience.

I have written across three genres so far and can write it ‘light’ or very dark, having seen the very best and worst of people and life in my various career roles.

Themes that keep coming up on the page for me are the human condition, evolution, unity, self-sovereignity, land ownership, responsible use of water and resources and humane treatment of animals.

So it seems, you can take the girl off the farm, etc.  I grew up on a cane farm in North Queensland, the oldest child of four.  My parents were cane farmers and relied on the land, water and favourable weather for our family’s viability.

I write from this place and mash in years of experience in working with people in my corporate and counselling careers.

I’m definitely nuts.  The proof:  I own two young Arabian horses.   I am learning to ride and handle horses, a passion that has come to me late in life and a result of writing about horses in my screenplays.  And just when I thought I had learned enough about life and people, I met a horse and now realise I know nothing!  I’m learning so much from them.

I live in the Sunshine Coast hinterland with my husband and writing partner, Joe Newkirk and our children.  And who would think, we have placed five times and received an honourable mention in major screenwriting competitions!

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