Two Hours From


  • Semifinalist – Shore Scripts 2018 (features)
  • Honorable Mention – Truant Screenplay Competition 2019 (an Animal Logic Company)
  • Finalist – AACTA ‘Isolation’ Pitch Comp 2020

Genre: Psychological Thriller (Feature)


After her husband’s mysterious death, a struggling mother decides to move to the country, only to find she is challenged to extremes to protect her children, animals and land by an old bushman, who knows no limits.


ANNIE WATERS is newly widowed from her high-flying businessman husband. She finds herself without a home or money, after her husband dies in mysterious circumstances and leaves the family with debt.

She decides to leave Sydney and return to the bush where she has grown up, to live an ‘honest life’ of safety and peace. They move to Tin Man Creek and as she establishes her family as graziers, she finds herself challenged to the use of her property by an old bush squatter. As the events unfold, we learn about Annie’s city life, her husband’s double life and just what she has been capable of before she ever arrived at Tin Man Creek.

Well known in the district as a violent man, RONNIE has intimidated all the locals into submission.  He cuts her fences, lets his cattle eat her pasture and drives her to financial breaking point.  Annie challenges him in a language he understands – with a gun.  He fights back.  He threatens her daughter, kills her dog and finally, kidnaps her.  She escapes only to be ignored by the local police, then recaptured by Ronnie’s sons.   They attempt to rape her and in the fight for her life, she takes both of theirs and in turn, Ronnie’s.

Annie has had enough of taking life lying down.  Ronnie challenged the wrong girl!  Underestimated by all as a meek trophy wife, we see Annie ‘cowgirl up’ to give Ronnie the fight of his life.  In the final showdown she tells Ronnie she always saw him coming, unlike her husband, who betrayed her trust and left her broke.

We learn that Annie had a passive hand in letting RAYMOND, her husband die in the hands of his captors, over a property development deal gone wrong.  It was going to be him or her, as Raymond had insured both their lives for enough to get him out of debt with his captors.

Once Annie discovers this, she leaves him tied up and uses his life insurance payout to fund her escape to the bush, with their two children.   We see she has always had it in her to deal with Ronnie, as she had been bastardised by the best well before she came to Tin Man Creek.

During her trials, we also learn the whole district has secrets and SHANE, her neighbour is also encroaching on her property by growing dope.  After she deals with Ronnie and his sons, she goes after Shane.

The locals wonder if she is losing her mind. We wonder whether she has it in her.  And all of this happens only two hours from ‘civilisation’!

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