One Thing Program

Do you find yourself swinging from lacking motivation to being bothered by unfulfilled dreams? Do you get started on a project and lose motivation to complete or worse still, never get started. Perhaps life gets in the way, or you have fears and doubts about your talents and your ability to pull it off.

That’s where the One Thing program can help. It provides a structure and skills to take you from this very familiar ‘human’ place to consistent creative action, following your plan to achievement.

You will achieve your outcome without having to psych yourself up, whip yourself with long lists of tasks and slog away putting in the hours, while dropping other responsibilities.  The program offers you a structure, tools and skills to overcome the three core challenges of Creatives:


INTEGRATION: fitting your creativity into your life while you meet your living requirements.

MOTIVATION: Getting going each day and keeping moving, despite our ever chaining moods, energy levels and surrounding circumstances.

INSPIRATION: finding creative inspiration when  we need it to produce results consistently, reliably and with ease.

The One Thing program teaches you how to access your Creative Self and develop daily creative habits.  You will develop the skills to motivate yourself gently and get the outcomes you want for your life, doing One Thing Per Day.

The program is GREAT for people who want to:

  • Balance life, work and family; and want to integrate more creativity into their life.
  • Recover from setbacks, burnout or stress and want to achieve the new, without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Make a transition to their dream or goal, but have been fearful in the past.
  • Return to work or their creativity after a break.
  • Start a business or new career.
  • Integrate outcomes from a course they have completed, to ensure the learnings turn into skills.

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