Social Media & Linkage Policy

Throughout this document, unless the context excludes such a construction, “we”, “us” and “our” are to be construed as a reference to Waters Publishing & Multimedia Pty Ltd its employees, agents, office holders, permitted assigns and successors in title.

Material published on social media platforms does not constitute advice

Material published by us on social media platforms is for general information, interest and discussion purposes only and not intended to be advice to any person reading the content.

You should not act on any statement published by us on social media platforms without first seeking and obtaining appropriate professional advice relevant to your circumstances.

Unsolicited Comments and inappropriate linking

Unsolicited comments on material published on this website or on social media platforms which do not relate to the material in relation to which the comment is offered will be deleted. Comments or content which link to or advocate pornographic material, hate speech, illicit or illegal activities or constitute trolling, phishing or spamming will be reported to the internet content host as a violation of their terms of use policy.

No endorsement due to linking

Linking to material published on other websites does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the owner, operator or publisher of the website by us unless expressly said to do so.

Following, liking, etc.

Following, liking, pinning, subscribing, sharing, +1ing or linking to, with or in relation to a publisher or user on any social media platform or provider does not indicate endorsement of that publisher or user or the material or views published or expressed by them unless expressly said to do so.


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